What zodiac sign is octavia from helluva boss

What zodiac sign is octavia from helluva boss

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What zodiac sign is octavia from helluva boss

What zodiac sign is octavia from helluva boss

  • Via (by Stolas and Blitzo)
  • Starfire (by Stolas)
  • My Princess (by Stolas)
  • My Owlette (by Stolas)
  • Sweetie (by Blitzo)

  • Astrology
    • Witnessing the Azathoth's Tears meteor shower
  • Reading books
  • Collecting taxidermy
  • Going to Stylish Occult
  • Depressing punk music
  • Spending time with her father
  • Going to Loo Loo Land (as a child)

  • Rip-offs
  • Her parents fighting
  • Her father's overprotectiveness
  • Robo Fizz
  • Her father leaving her
  • Her father flirting with Blitzo
    • Her father's infidelity
    • Blitzo himself

  • Ars Goetia Royalty

  • Employees of I.M.P (one-time bodyguards)
  • Loona (acquainted)
  • Asmodeus (acquainted)
  • Brennon Ragers (accidental victim)
  • Unnamed family butler
  • Unnamed bodyguards

Barrett Wilbert Weed
Juliana Sada (young)

Helluva Boss pilot (pictured)
"Loo Loo Land" (official debut)

Octavia is the teenage daughter of Stolas and Stella and a major supporting character in Helluva Boss. She made her debut in "Loo Loo Land".

It is revealed in "The Circus", that her role as a "precautionary heir" was the sole purpose of her birth.



Octavia is an adolescent avian demon. She is lanky and unkempt, with a coat of gray feathers. Her eyes are pink with bright white pupils with light purple eyeshadow to go with her long eyelashes. Below each of her eyes are two tear-like streak eyelashes.

Octavia bears traits from both of her parents. She has her father's white, mask-like face with her mother's eyes and shaggy hair feathers.

For clothing, Octavia wears a black feathery shawl around her shoulders over a glittery pink dress with light yellow stars on it, a black beanie hat with a pale yellow tiara design on it on her head, a pink choker around her neck, black leggings, and black heeled boots.

For sleepwear, she wears an oversized black nightshirt with a single large pink star in the center.


When she was a child her hair was short with light grey and white tips, and her hands were completely black.

She wore a similar dress, pink with white stars on it but with puffy white sleeves. She didn’t wear any shoes, and sometimes wore her tiara.


Octavia's attitude is that of a cynical, stark teenager. She favors morbid topics like listening to and writing depressing emotional songs and collecting taxidermy of monstrous animals.

She is a person of few words, but she does highly value her privacy. Her overt observable attitudes suggest a personality of a negative, pessimistic, and sarcastic individual.

Octavia's perpetually sour mood deters her from others. She has a dry sense of humor, as she calls Loo Loo and Loo Loo Land a "shameless spin-off" of Lucifer's far more popular theme park, Lu Lu World, and voicing disdain for the former's "insecure corporate shame".

Octavia's negative disposition likely stems from the tumultuous relationship of her parents to the point she has become desensitized to it, reaching a point where she expresses no obvious reaction to her parents violently arguing towards one another in front of her, especially when her mother starts to throw objects she avoids them by walking over or dodging them. In some scenarios, she would nonchalantly ask if the two were done screaming for the day.

Despite her outward show of complacency, Octavia's issues are evidently deeper than they appear. Ever since she was a child, Octavia has lived with an ongoing fear of her parents going their separate ways, and that her father would abandon her. This fear began to manifest in her childhood, but it became more prominent after Stolas started his affair with Blitzo.


Natural Abilities

  • Flexible Head - Like most owls, Octavia can turn her head 180 degrees with little to no effort and without any signs of discomfort or pain.

Unique Abilities

  • Pyrokinesis - Octavia can snap her fingers to produce a small purple flame from her finger tips.
  • Spellcasting - Octavia can cast spells, shown when Stolas told her in Seeing Stars that she hasn't been taught advanced spells like teleportation, implying she at least knows some. She was also able to transport herself to earth, but this may be a passive effect of Stolas' Grimoire.


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  • Her first name, "Octavia", is the Latin word for "eighth".
    • She was first revealed on Genevieve Tsai's Instagram, which previously stated her name was Natasha.[2]
    • Her current name first appeared on Stolas' Voxtagram account.[3]
  • Prior to her appearance in "Loo Loo Land", Octavia's Voxtagram was private. As of the premiere of the second episode, her Voxtagram account is no longer private.
    • Her account being private up until this point might have been to prevent people from seeing spoilers about her before her debut.
    • According to the non-canon Voxtagram stories, based on the numbers on her former Instagram account handle, @gothchk2003, and on one of Stolas' posts regarding her birthday, she was born on August 16, 2003, however, this is not authentic due to the nature of the service.
      • Her being 17 was officially confirmed in "The Circus", presumably in terms of Hell years.
        • From the twenty five year timeskip that follows young Stolas' birthday, it means that he had her when he was either in his late teens or early twenties.
    • As opposed to her real-life Instagram's bio, Octavia's Sinstagram bio reads "😢Sad😭🌙🌧✨ / 💔Depressed🦉💜" as revealed in "Seeing Stars".
    • According to her and Stolas' Voxtagram accounts, she was the one who suggested for him to have an account.[3]
      • She is also the one who took his first picture for the account.
    • As of January 17, 2021, she has archived all her posts and has claimed that she will never post again due to Instagram users making her uncomfortable and grossed out, to which Stolas was furious about, as shown in both their Instagram stories.
      • On the same day, it was revealed that the message was from the artist of the accounts, saying they were the one who felt it had to be done.[4]
  • A literal interpretation of the demo lyrics of "You Will Be Ok" suggests that, the day Octavia was born, Hell experienced an unnatural eclipse of some sort, where everything went temporarily dark and helpless, with the shine of the moons reflecting in her eyes the moment she opened them. However, this has not been confirmed to be canon or the artist's intent.
  • Her younger self shares the same voice actor as Martha's daughter, with both being voiced by Juliana Sada.
  • The song "I Like It" from "Seeing Stars" appear to be somewhat reflective of Octavia's life.